A  selection of live videos featuring various projects. These videos showcase some of the different musical collaborations and styles I have the opportunity to explore. For more videos, check out my YouTube page.  

Live Shows

Yvonnick Prene Quartet, Smalls, New York 2021

With Peter Bernstein, Brian Charette, Allan Mednard

Yvonnick Prene & Scott Tixier, Blue Note Jazz Club, New York, 2016

With Pasquale Grasso, Marco Panascia, Mark Withfiled Junior

Live at SPAH,  Hyatt Regency in Tulsa Oklahoma, 2019

With Avi Rothbard

Lorin Cohen Quintet, Birdland, New York 2019

With Yotam Silberstein, Carlos Cuevas, Obed Calvaire 

Yvonnick Prene "Breathe" Cornelia Street Cafe, New York 2016

Peter Bernstein, Jared Gold, Allan Mednard

Inspiring Live #5, Paris, 2019

With Sarah Lancman, Giovanni Mirabassi

Studio Sessions

Yvonnick Prene & Pasquale Grasso,  Brooklyn, 2014

Yvonnick Prene & Avi Rothbard, The Jazz Gallery,  2019

Yvonnick Prene 4the, "Breathe",  Trading 8ths Studio, NJ

Yvonnick Prene 5the, "New York Moments",  Michiko Studios, 2019, NYC

Yvonnick's Vlogs

"A Day in the Life of a Jazz Musician"a  New York City Vlog  2017

Concert in Buffalo New York with the Scott Tixier quintet 2017


Harmonica Studio Virtual Ensemble - 2020

New York Harmonica School Workshop - 2019

SPAH Masterclass - 2019

New York Harmonica School Workshop - 2018

Sam Ash Commercials