"This guy is phenomenal! He has much to say as he soars above the circle of the earth in unoccupied air space. What a ‘voice.’ The future is definitely his possession." 

Benny Golson

“The most beautiful music I have ever heard on harmonica.”


Lee Konitz


"The chromatic harmonica is an instrument still finding its footing in modern jazz recordings. Parisian-born harmonicat Yvonnick Prené makes a convincing case for it on his new recording, Listen!. Along with trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, who also produced the recording, Prené is joined by saxophonist Dayna Stephens, pianist Kevin Hays, bassist Clovis Nicolas and drummer Bill Stewart in a collection of originals alongside evergreens from Miles Davis, and other standards, and in the hands of Prene, as Jeremy Pelt says, "when I close my eyes, I hear Yvonnick Prené singing."

From Monday, Jan. 2 through Friday, Jan. 6, one cut from Prené’s Listen! album will be featured each morning on the New Day, New Play spotlight on my Daybreak show.


Gary Walker

"Hats off, clear and metallic look, such is the man with the harmonica. But forget Charles Bronson (and Ennio Morricone), if he appears like this on his new album, Listen!, Yvonnick Prené draws much more tender and swift melodies from his little instrument. As for his accomplices for this concert, they were never caught in the act of wrong note or out of tempo, from Rick Margitza (sax) to Francesco Ciniglio (drums) via Vincent Bourgeyx (piano) and Sylvain Romano ( bass)."


Louis-Julien Nicolaou

"His sound is highly reminiscent of Thielemans, although Yvonnick’s approach is more modern, bebop and post-bop than Toots’ swing-based style. And one reason this album stands out as a winner is the sup- porting cast. Yvonnick has an A-list of New York-based, mainstream-modern players, beginning with a stellar rhythm section of pianist Kevin Hays, bassist Clovis Nicolas, and drummer Bill Stewart."

Hot House

George Henzler

"When Prene plays the harmonica, it becomes a fully articulate vehicle for authentic emotional expression."

JazzTimes Magazine

Thomas Conrad

"With the strong program Prené has put together, Listen! truly lights up a room."

New York City Jazz Record

 Dan Bilawsky

"We are in sincerity and conviction."

Jazz Magazine

 Leo Marney

"Yvonnick Prené: A arte da harmônica no jazz moderno

Em ‘Listen!’ gaitista lidera até sexteto com saxofone e trompete." 

JOTA (Brazil)

Luiz Orlando Carneiro


"You don’t often get a harmonica out in front of a Hammond B3 trio, but it works well as Yvonnick Prene’ uses his harmonica to glide melodies over organ grinder Brian Charette and drummer Jordan Young through a set dominated by originals." 

The Jazz Journal

George W. Harris

"The arrival of Yvonnick Prené a few years ago brought forth a musician who is not only a skilled instrumentalist, but also someone able to take it in new directions as well. Joined by the versatile organ player Brian Charette and skilled drummer Jordan Young, Prené has a respect for his elder’s contributions but is finding his own paths as an arranger and composer."

New York Jazz City Record

Ken Dryden

"The first trio album by New Yorker Yvonnick Prene fronting a terrific rhythm section consisting of B-3 organ, guitar and drums... Prene  can be considered a model for harmonica players,  a legitimate successor in the tradition of Toots Thielemans but with his own unique voice."

Jazz Japan Magazine

Hiroki Sugita

jazz harmonica album

"Album selection in Jazzwise as part of "The Hot 10 from Jazz FM on DAB and online www.jazzfm.com" 


Chris Philips


"From bebop to blues, Yvonnick Prene registers with great success and without servility in this direct affiliation with Baron Toots. Well played!" 

Jazz Hot

Jerome Partage

“Hallmarked by sprightly playing, this bunch of originals has just the right amount of special sauce to make it a taste treat throughout and always a joy to hear. Solid throughout. (New York Moments)” 

Midwest Record

Chris Spector

"This album is an exciting exploration into what the harmonica can do, once placed in the capable hands of a master musician. It also introduces us to the budding composer; Yvonnick Prené and celebrates jazz as a music that crosses borders and brings cultures together in a positive, creative way." 

Musical Memoir

Dee Dee McNeil


"The big picture that Breathe projects—centrist sounds with enough surprises in the structure, soloing, and interplay to hold interest—is a bright one." 

All About Jazz

Dan Bilawsky

“Yvonnick Prene is skilled and talented without a doubt but there is a depth to him that calls to the depths within the listener. It is no wonder that he is in such demand.” 

Jazz Times

Travis Roger


Club Jazz a FIP

"Chromatic harpist Yvonnick Prene blows in with a classic Hammond B3 atmosphere with Peter Bernstein/g, Allan Mednard/dr and Jared Gold with the Leslies. The result is a pair of organs veering back and forth in a successful atmosphere, as the quartet can get dreamy as on”Got To Go” or fires on all cylinders during “Blues Comes Down the Seine” and “As Night Falls.” Bernstein contributes some rich guitar work, particularly on “Looking Up” and “Armorica,” while Prene mixes lyricism with soul n”The Comedian” and “Got To Go.” They wheeze to please! " 

Jazz Weekly

George W. Harris

"His stylistically diverse debut, Jour de Fete (Steeplechase Records, 2013) mixed up classic tunes with original compositions and announced the arrival of a real talent on an instrument rare in jazz. Breathe is another hugely enjoyable, sophisticated offering." 

The Walker's


steeplechase records

"These days, Prene calls Brooklyn, New York his home, but the spirit of Gay Paree still lives within his highly agreeable music. Jour De Fete is his recorded initiation into the fraternal order of jazz harmonica aces; he's now a part of the club for life." 

All About Jazz

Dan Bilawsky

Jazz Magazine

Phillipe Vincent

"A first disc balanced with a repertoire of original compositions and well tuned pieces by Gillespie, Coltrane,  Jerome Kern... Nils Winther, creator and discoverer of SteepleChase many young talents, there is no wrong in inviting Yvonnick Prene join his label."

The New York City Jazz Record

Alex Henderson

"Although the harmonica is hardly a prominent instrument in jazz, Europe hs given us some talented jazz practitioners over the years (including Germany's Hendrick Meurkens, Switzerland's Gregoire Maret, of course Belgium native Toots Thielemans). A good name to add to that list is Paris born Yvonnick Prene...  Jour de Fete is a consistently promising  debut album from this young French Improviser".

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer

"Yvonnick Prené seems to come from the school of chromatic players that Toots Thielemans was born into. Mr. Prené is a sublimely talented player. There is ample evidence of this on Jour de Fête. His musical leaps and gambols are absolutely magnificent giving rises to beautifully crafted musical architecture. Mr. Prené plays with exquisite confidence knowing exactly where he must go when pursuing a melody. " 

Jazz Da Gama

Raul Da Gama