Welcome to Yvonnick’s Harmonica School! 

In these HD videos I’ll teach you how to play jazz music on you chromatic harmonica. Let’s jump into it!

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1) The Bebop Scales for Chromatic Harmonica (20min)


Improve your jazz improvisation by learning the bebop scales on your chromatic harmonica. Topics include the Major, Minor and Dominant bebop scales. 

 PDF/AUDIO Supplement for “The Bebop Scales for Chromatic Harmonica”


2) All The Things You Are: Jazz Improvisation Tips (28min)


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Regardless of where you are on your journey as a chromatic harmonica player, here is a practical way to improve your jazz improvisation . Quickly. Through these 15 simple exercises on All The Things You Are. Topics: Pivot Technique, Arpeggios, Modes, Guide Tones and Patterns.

PDF/AUDIO Supplement for “All The Things You Are: 15 Improvisation Tips”


3) Jazz Patterns for Chromatic Harmonica (26min)

I think pattern learning is an important part of learning how to play jazz, it’s useful to have a few idiomatic phrases to buildup your jazz vocabulary and it’s a great material to practice and develop your skills. That’s why I’m going to show you how to play twenty carefully selected jazz patterns on chromatic harmonica. These patterns are very much inspired by my heroes such as Charlie Parker, Toots Thielemans, Kenny Dorham and John Coltrane among other greats. Now grab your harmonica and let’s dig into these jazz patterns!

PDF Jazz Patterns for Chromatic Harmonica

4) Bluesette: Jazz Improvisation Guide (23min)

In this lesson I will walk you through 16 exercises on Bluesette by Toots Thielemans. I’ll explain jazz improvisation techniques such as guide tones, arpeggios, patterns and how to apply them in a musical context. Musician: Felix Lemerle on guitar and Yvonnick Prene on chromatic harmonica. Filmed in New York City. 

PDF/AUDIO Supplement for “Bluesette: Jazz Improvisation Guide”

5)Major Scales for Chromatic Harmonica (1h13)

 This video is a learning tool and practice guide for all skill level chromatic harmonica players seeking to learn the 12 major scales and improve instrument fundamentals and technique.

PDF Supplement for “Major Scales for Chromatic Harmonica”

6) Melodic Minor Scales for Chromatic Harmonica  (51 min)

In this course you’ll learn how to play the melodic minor scales in all 12 keys.
This scale is often used by Toots Thielemans and every major jazz harmonica players to color there solos on modal and minor tunes.

PDF Supplement for “Melodic Minor Scales and Modes for Chromatic Harmonica”