The Bebop Scale for Chromatic Harmonica

Improve your jazz improvisation by learning the bebop scales on your chromatic harmonica. Topics include the Major, Minor and Dominant Bebop Scales. Most of the examples cited in this book to help students master the harmonica and jazz improvisation are available to download from a URL (web link) included inside.

Bistro Fada

“Bistro Fada” from Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson. I love this tune ! It was originally written for guitar but we can adapt it on chromatic harmonica. I think it sounds great!

Bluesette: Jazz Improvisation Guide

In Yvonnick Prene’s Bluesette: Jazz Improvisation Guide, you’ll learn the Improvisation devices, chord scales, arpeggios, scales and patterns for the jazz progression of the one of the most popular jazz standard, Bluesette. Prené plays all examples to help students master the harmonica and jazz improvisation — all available to download from a URL (web link) included inside.

Available on Kindle & Paperback

Introducing Harmonica Video Lessons!

Bluesette-Video Lesson (23min)

In this lesson I will walk you through 16 exercises on Bluesette by Toots Thielemans. I’ll explain jazz improvisation techniques such as guide tones, arpeggios, patterns and how to apply them in a musical context. Musician: Felix Lemerle on guitar and Yvonnick Prene on chromatic harmonica. Filmed in New York City.

PDF Bluesette-Lesson (17 pages)

This PDF includes the embedded notation from “Bluesette Lesson”.  This is a supplemental PDF.

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Bluesette- Audio Lesson (23min) 

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Shape of My Heart

I have received many requests to create a harmonica tab and a backing track for “Shape of My Heart” by Dominique Miller, since the released of “Wonderful World” in 2013. Yesterday I uploaded on Bandcamp a dozen of backing tracks from my cds “Wonderful World” and “Merci Toots”. They have been made for solo instruments specially for trumpet, sax, harmonica, clarinet, flute and guitar in order to practice improvising over famous jazz standards and also on a bunch of originals! You’ll have the opportunity to jam along among the best New York jazz musicians such as Pasquale Grasso on guitar, Michael Valeanu (guitar), Lorin Cohen (bass), Eric Wheeler (bass), Mike King (piano), Jay Sawyer ( drums).

“Cosmic Adventure” DB Best Albums of 2016

15 years ago I met Scott during a session at a jazz club in Paris. What struck me the most was his advanced technic and stage presence. He already had it all while he was still enrolled in high school! To tell you the truth, I was a bit secretly jealous of him. Since we have been playing a lot together in various projects. He’s the funniest person I know and I considered him like a brother. Last year we recorded his sophomore album at Avatar Studios with Glenn Zaleski, Luques Curtis and Justin Brown. We had also the honor to work with legendary pianist Donald Brown as producer. Then it was a huge kick to find out that “Cosmic Adventures” has made DownBeat Magazine’s Best Albums of 2016 list!  If you’re in New York, don’t miss Scott Tixier “Cosmic Adventure”‘ concert on Jan 7th at Zinc Bar, part of the Winter Jazzfest.

Always Get Back Up

I recorded my fourth album last December, almost a year ago exactly with Peter Bernstein on guitar, Jared Gold on b3 organ, Allan Mednard on drums and coproduced with Lorin Cohen. We taped nine tracks in about five hours at Trading Eight’studio in Paramus. Everyone sounded great! Although the day didn’t start that well with my girlfriend breakup just a few hours before downbeat. I could have cancelled the session and go to the pub. Instead I chose to get back up, push myself harder and focus on playing. I think all art has a melancholic feeling underlying its creation. Something about the world you can’t fix it. That’s why music can be a powerful tool, allowing us to explore pain and transform it. Let it flow and it may lead you to something deep and unexpected.