Yvonnick Prene Breathe
BREATHE (2016)

"Breathe is a wonderfully moving and artistically satisfying venture into a rare quartet of less than customary instruments." Travis Rogers Jr, JazzTimes

"Parisian native Yvonnick Prene wields breathtaking lyricism and beauty of tone matched by exceptional virtuosity on the chromatic harmonica." Hot House Jazz

"Prene's fourth album finds him working within an organ-centric setting. It's a first on record for him, but it sounds as if he's been dealing with this format forever."All About Jazz

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Merci Toots (2015)

"This is Prene’s third album as a leader and he is a much sought-after contributor" JazzTimes

"The most beautiful music I have ever heard on harmonica" Lee Konitz

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Wonderful World (2014)

Yvonnick Prene takes a giant leap forward with a modern masterpiece embracing the traditional gypsy jazz movement!"

"The warmth of Prené's tone, his virtuosity and the group's collective joie de vivre means that even tunes as old as the proverbial hills sound fresh." All About Jazz

"Prene’s got a warm sound to his harp, geting cozy on “Desafinado” and bluesy on Horace Silver’s “Strollin". Lots to enjoy here." Jazz Weekly

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Jour de Fete (2013)

"...Ballads and slower grooves are one of Prené’s strong points, but even when he embraces a fast tempo on “Obsessions” and John Coltrane’s “Satellite”, his harmonica playing has an ethereal quality...Jour de Fête is a consistently promising debut album from this young French improviser." The New York City Jazz Records


I have been fortunate to perform and record with a wide range of artists, including Donald Brown, Chris Potter, Klingande, Romeo Santos, Peter Bernstein, Scott Tixier, Gene Bertoncini, Rich Perry, Steve Cardenas, Jon Cowherd, Vic Juris, Nate Smith, Ira Coleman, Thomas Enhco, Luques Curtis, Justin Brown, Jerome Barde, Lorin Cohen, Mike Moreno, Avi Rothebard, Jared Gold, Anthony Wonsey, Laurent Cugny, Alexandre Tassel, Dana Hall, Gilad Hekselman, Yaron Herman, Laurent de Wilde, Ryan Cohan, Victor Provost among many others.

Death Rides a Horse, Arthur Vint and Associates, Ropeadope Records, (2017) Featuring Rich Perry (sax), Jon Cowherd (piano), Tony Sherr, Ian Stapp (bass) , Roy Williams (acoustic guitar), Andrew Halchak (bass clarinet), Bianca Gonzales (violin)…

Aquarius Woman, Marcello Pellitteri (2016) George Garzone (tenor), Orazio Maugeri (alto sax) Salvatore Bonafede (piano), Gabrio Bevilacqua (bass), Lauren Kinhan (vocals), Marcello Pellitteri (drums)

Date Night (2016) Rick Pasek (guitar), Karen Pasek (vocal), Freddy Hendrix (trumpet)…

Cosmic Adventure, Scott Tixier, Sunnyside Records, (2016) Scott Tixier (violin), Chris Potter (tenor), Glenn Zaleski (piano), Justin Brown (drums), Lucques Curtis (bass), Pedrito Martinez (congas)

A Door, Joonsam, Origin Records, (2016) Aaron Parks (piano), Nate Wood (drums), Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Ben Monder (guitar), Yeahwon Shin (vocal), ChungEun Han, (bamboo flute)

Through the Badlands, Arthur Vint and Associates, Ropeadope Records, (2016) Featuring Rich Perry (sax), Jon Cowherd (piano), Tony Sherr, Ian Stapp (bass) , Bianca Gonzales (violin)…

Home, Lorin Cohen, Origin Records, (2015) Featuring Victor Provost (Pans), Joe Locke (Vibes), Donald Edwards (drums), Ryan Cohen (piano)

Dunya, Farah Siraj, (2014) Featuring Andreas Arnold (Guitar), Andres Rotmistrovsky (Bass) Marcelo Woloski (Percussion), Magda Giannikou (Accordion)
Amir John Haddad (Oud & Bouzouki)…

Talking Strings, Darius Scheider (2013) Featuring: Stephane Wremble (guitar), Romain Colin (piano), Vinny Raniolo (guitar), Allan Mednard (drums), Ollo Soikkeli (guitar), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass), Scott Tixier (violin)

Arty Facts, Arnon Palty, (2012) featuring Dan Adler (guitar), Lewis Porter (piano), Marcello Pellitteri (drums)

Sings Tess, Bianca Wu, BMA, (2012) Featuring: Nick Hempton (alto), Brandon Lewis (drums), Rene Cruz (bass), Dan Aran (drums), Art Hirahara (piano), Edward Perez (bass), Jonathan Powel (trumpet), Marvin Diz (congas), Itai Kriss (flute)

The New York Flamenco Jazz Project, “Mosaico”, Eureka Musik Produktionen, (2012) Jose Moreno (percussion) Nacho Arimany (percussion, palmas) Marcelo Wolowski (percussion) Bodek Janke (tables, percussion, voice) Philippe Lemm (percussion) Antonio Miguel (double bass) Petros Klampanis (fretless bass) Moto Fukushima (bass) Paco Orellana (vocals) Diederik Rijpstra (fluegelhorn) Maria Toro (flute) Farah Saraj

Umbrella, Harry Miller (2011) Featuring Nate Smith (drums), Tom Kennedy (bass), Harry Miller (pianio)

Jazz Me Up, Bianca Wu, BMA, (2010) Featuring: Dan Aran (drums), Art Hirahara (piano), Edward Perez (bass), Itai Kriss (flute)

Movements, Alexandre Tassel, Naive, (2008) Featuring: Manu Katche (drums), Eric Legnini (piano), Laurent De Wilde (piano), Guillaume Naturel (tenor), Daniel Romeo (bass), Christian Brun (guitar), Julien Charlier (drums), dj Grazzhopa.

Euro Latin Jazz, Rebecca Vallejo, Cuca Jazz Production, (2007) Featuring: Kristjan Randalu (piano), Nathan Peck (bass), Paolo Orlandi (drums)